Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Drawn to the Story" @ Pensacola Museum of Art

81 Pieces of my original picture book illustrations are on
exhibit at the historic Pensacola Museum of Art from
September 16 to November 6, 2011.

Pensacola Museum of Art is a dynamic organization with
exciting exhibits, interesting events, and an engaging staff.

I've never seen an old jail put to better use.

It was a cool, clear Friday night, with a 3/4 moon. The
scheduled Gallery Stroll in downtown was back after a
hot summer break, and art lovers were keen to enjoy the

One minute the museum galleries were quiet and the next
minute they were filled with music and laughter and light.
Whole families strolled through Drawn to the Story. It was
the most fun I've ever had at one of my exhibit openings.

Meet David and Cindi Bear. Mr. Bear and I both served on
the Florida Arts Council, but his term ended when mine
began, so this was the first time we came face to face. I've
always heard his name mentioned with respect. No
wonder. They are kind and generous patrons of the arts
and Pensacola is lucky to have them.

I spoke at the Creative Learning Academy that morning,
where the headmaster made sure her students knew they
could find me at the museum for the opening reception. That
night we chuckled over and over again as parents (dragged
in by the hand) reported their students wouldn't even let them
finish dinner, so excited they were to rush to the Museum for

I signed piles and piles of books and by the time we turned
off the lights over 300 people visited the exhibit in it's first
few hours.

I LOVE Pensacola!