Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A project between projects

This is a paravent, according to my Swiss friend. I would have called it a room divider, or a great giant art toy. Paravent, however has an elegant ring to it.

It is piece of art commissioned by a collector of mine. Overall it measures
about 7' tall x 7' wide. The art is mixed media on maple laminate. The big tarpon is silver leafed. Look closely and you'll see glass eyes on those fish.

The colors, the depth, the play of light, the reflection on the underside surface of the water all make me smile. The fact that you
can slide it around the house and create new spaces with it makes me laugh. It is like a giant art toy. A great big gorgeous art toy for an adult.

Would you like to look at the back? Two pieces of art for the price of one, actually. The back is gold leafed with a school of threadfin herring in silver leaf. As it happens the tarpon and the threadfin herring are related (evidenced by the long streamers on the dorsal fins of both species).

It has taken up residence in my living room while waiting for delivery arrangements to be made. I love this piece, and will be sad to see it leave...

Going from working to scale on children's picture book illustrations (17" x 11") to working at 84" x 84" feels luxurious. Although, my next book project is underway, and even if it is small in scale, it's still a delight to ready my materials for "Ocean Commotion: Caught in the Currents". More on that as it progresses.

Thanks for reading my blog, and If you know anyone interested in owning a paravent, send them my way. I'd be delighted to create another - unique, elegant and functional. What's not to love!


  1. So beautiful, you did a wonderful job .

  2. So beautifully done, anyone would enjoy owning this. I am sure it will bring commissions.

    In the UK it would be called a 'folding screen'.

  3. SO gorgeous, Janeen! Made my day to see it.

  4. Susan, June, Janet, and Emilie, Thank you for such kind words. This piece was commissioned, but I'm working on another one now with sea grapes. Are you familiar with sea grapes as their leaves turn? Breathtaking.

  5. It's stunning! I'd hate to give it up also. They're very lucky to own it.